O καιρός σήμερα

As a state owned company that respects its social role, OKAA SA understands social responsibility as something more than a mere obligation. A series of initiatives lead that direction. In cooperation with the Ministry of Development & Investments, the Ministry of Education & Religious affairs and the Association of Central Markets Wholesalers, OKAA SA implemented the initiative "PUT A FRUIT IN YOUR KID’S LIFE" by allowing fresh fruits to primary schools.
OKAA SA supports the non-profit voluntary child protection Organization "The Smile of the Child". OKAA has given, free of lease, an industrial building to be used for storage and logistics center. In addition to this it has also attended the distribution of fresh fruit and vegetable to the houses hosting children.

Some more actions that can be mentioned are:
• Medical facilities in Athens Central Market & Piraeus fish Market
• Protest line for food quality and unfair practices
• Sponsorships material to Greek Police, municipalities and other institutions
• Placing food in institutions, foundations, vulnerable social groups
• Open shows with well known Greek artists